Are Obsolete Computers
Joe Kelly, Executive Director
Computer Preservation Group
Disco Tech - February 25, 2015
Obsolete Computers Are NOT Junk
Works of Art
Historical Importance
Old Solutions To New Problems
Works of Art
Considered Collectible / Antique
- $900,000 Apple I
Cool Toy
- Sights, sounds, feel that an emulator can’t provide
Historical Importance
What inspired the iPhone and why was it successful?
What problems was the internet created to solve?
"640K ought to be enough for anybody.“
Sponsor of NSU’s Computer Museum:
IBM PC, iMac, Atari, Commodore PET, DEC Alpha, Timex/Sinclair, ͙
Old Solutions To New Problems
Efficient Programming, Avoid Multi-Core Trap
- Can two cooks toast bread faster than one?
The “Cloud”, really a modern-day mainframe
- Computing getting more social and less personal
Remember, Reuse - Don’t Recycle
Shipped to 3rd World
Melted (Creates Pollution)
Gone Forever